For The Boys

It’s an exciting time for the boys as they get ready before the wedding. To have it all run smoothly, here’s a few tips that should lend a hand. A good sleep the night before is critical to have you looking and feeling your best. You’ll wake up fresh, eager to tackle the big day ahead. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have up your sleeve should any part of your preparation take longer than you had expected. Leaving for your ceremony in a mad rush is what should be avoided at all costs.

Keep time aside to iron you shirt if necessary and polish your shoes. We can’t have you looking your smartest with scruffy shoes now.  This next one’s a biggie guys. Make sure you actually know how to tie your ties! When it comes to the perfectly tied tie, some boys just haven’t a clue on where to start. Leaving it to chance on the day could create a panic moment you could all definitely do without. So a little practice ahead of time will be a step in the right direction.

 Being a groom can be thirsty work so keep hydrated throughout the entire day.  I mean in the non-alcoholic way too of course! Yes, it’s quite ok to enjoy a little drink on the morning to calm the nerves.  Keep in mind, you’ll want to remember your wedding for all the right reasons. Whatever you do, don’t forget to eat as well! The reception is a long way off with a lot to do in the meantime. Oh, it’s also a good idea to eat before you pop on your suit.  Beetroot stains from that salad sandwich from lunch will be a nightmare to remove.

The groomsman’s responsibility is to look after the rings, making sure they safely arrive at the ceremony. It doesn’t hurt for the groom to double check all is well in this department as well. Trust me, if anything is forgotten on the day, you won’t want it to be this.

A prepared plan of action for the boys on the day is an ideal way to make getting ready a breeze.  It resembles a step by step ‘to do’ list, assuring your day will be under control. In fact, it might even settle the groom’s nerves a little to know all is running smoothly.