For The Girls

You’ve all been looking forward to this moment and finally the big day has arrived! Your besties have rallied together and are eager to get this party started.   Here’s a few tips for the girls that will make getting ready a  breeze.

To be a radiant bride, going to bed early the night before is the key. You’ll look  and feel your best, ready to tackle your busy day ahead.  Start early so you can go about your day at a relaxed pace.  This way you won’t be leaving for your ceremony in a mad rush. Having a  prepared plan of action on the day is a great idea. There’s going to be a lot happening and all at different times. By preparing a written list of what’s in store, it will take the stress off you trying to remember it all.

Somethings are best done the day before and taking your dress and veil out of its garment bag is one. This is so any last minute ironing or small problems, can be tackled then and there. Take the time to arrange all your attire as well.  This includes the wedding dress, veil, headpiece, lingerie, shoes, jewellery, garter and your perfume. In doing so, you’ll avoid any tense moments from bits and pieces you can’t find.

Being a bride can be thirsty work, so keep hydrated throughout the entire day. I talking about the H20 stuff here. Although it’s quite ok to enjoy a little drink on the morning to help calm the nerves. Don’t forget to eat as well. There’s nothing worse than a hungry bride or bridal party, so have plenty of snacks and nutritious food for the girls too. The reception is a long way off and you’ll all need to keep your energy levels up and stay focused.

 Whatever you do, don’t sweat the small stuff. Should something not go to plan on the day, take a moment, breathe and smile your way forward. After all, it’ll probably be too late to fix it and your guests will be none the wiser.