Fun Effects

Have we got some awesome ideas and eye catching fun effects for your big day. They’ll deliver a huge impact, giving monumental fun to your wedding celebrations. What’s even more exciting is, it’ll include your guests so they can join in the festivities too!

As your celebrations winds down, there will come the time to say farewell to your guests. Brace yourself, as this is truly is the most grandest of departures ever! Your family and friends will gather to create an element of surprise that’s sparkly and spectacular! I’m talking about Giant Wedding Sparklers. They’re definitely not your common party sparkler either. These one’s are three times as big and breathtaking! Imagine having guests form a guard of honour, as they hold larger than life lit sparklers above their heads. The most magnificent photos are captured as the bride and groom pass through the twinkling tunnel of love.

 What’s a wedding without congratulating the bride and groom with a confetti shower of beautiful colours. The sky filled with pretty rainbow shapes is a wondrous sight to behold. Did you know there’s also classic white confetti and heart shaped confetti wedding poppers too? As guests arrive at the ceremony, they can help themselves to a wedding popper and wait in anticipation for when the new Mr and Mrs are announced. It’s as simple as one twist and hey presto! Today’s brides are loving the idea of  natural confetti for their wedding. It’s 100% biodegradable making it an environmentally friendly choice and popular as ever. These individual pretty packets of fragrant dried red roses, lavender grains and marigold petals are simply adorable. Whichever confetti you choose, rest assured everyone will have heaps of fun creating this special moment on your big day.