Wedding Chair Sashes

Designing a beautiful setting for your wedding day can be achieved with such little effort. How you ask? I’ll let you in on a wedding decorators best kept secret. Never underestimate the huge impact wedding chair sashes will make at your ceremony and reception celebration.

Let me explain. Let’s first look at chairs in general. Take the time to stand back and view the chairs set up in the area your celebration will take place. You will notice yes, there’s a lot of them and they do dominate a lot of the space. Now let’s take into consideration their condition. Unfortunately some venues supply ones that are down right ugly, they look rather tired or perhaps they may not colour match the theme you had in mind. When it comes to hired chairs too, you may be surprised to learn that its not uncommon for these chairs to arrive in poor condition and way past their use by date. They maybe scratched and scuffed ready for the scrap heap! Are you starting to see the picture?

As a result of a simple, yet effective method of decorating with wedding chair sashes, you’ll transform what was once a drab space into a wedding scene of elegance with a captivating  atmosphere. Just like you had always dreamed it should be.