Wedding Pens and Feather Pens

Consider the importance and the work out the all mighty pen is going to get at your wedding. Did you know, not only do the happy couple sign their wedding certificate, the bridal party will so as well. Also, at the reception you may have a  wedding guest book for family and friends to record their best wishes too. So as you now see, wedding pens and feather pens would have to be one of the most widely used accessories on your big day.

I highly recommend you go for quality and that doesn’t  mean you need to spend big bucks either. Acquiring a pen that suits the style of your wedding will be a great place to start. Wedding pens vs feather pens, which one is best? Well both really, it all depends on your personal taste.

Best of all, our beautiful pens are refillable. You’ll look back with fond memories from your big day, as you make use of your charming pen throughout your years together.