Confetti Cones and Confetti Boxes

Tossing petal confetti is a wonderful way to congratulate the happy couple as they walk up the aisle. Just imagine how spectacular the wedding photos will be!

Natural dried flowers look beautiful, smell wonderful and create the most romantic atmosphere. We especially like to use red and pink rose petals, pretty rose buds and jasmine flowers because of their sweet perfume. Also, you will need to consider how to present your wedding confetti. What will I put my pretty confetti in? We have a wonderful range of confetti cones and confetti boxes to suit your wedding theme, styling and your personal taste. You will find plenty of ideas here, so let’s have a look at a few of them.

There’s cute little boxes with see through heart windows that just adorable. These confetti boxes will let guests get a sneak peek at the lovely confetti that’s tucked inside. For the modern couple we have our exclusive ‘Love’ confetti cones. This contemporary style craft cone is covered with multiple scripted love messages in various fonts. A real show stopper. Beautiful butterflies and weddings have long been a wedding theme favourite, so we’ve crafted a pretty confetti cone depicting gorgeous butterflies. Did you know 0ur natural floral confetti is eco friendly and 100% biodegradable.  So it’s no wonder our confetti cones and confetti boxes are so popular with outdoor garden ceremonies.