Wedding Car Ribbons

The big day has arrived and the fun journey ahead begins! All eyes are on the bride and her bridal party as they make their way to the wedding ceremony. When it comes to decorating with wedding car ribbons, there’s no mistaking which one’s the bridal car! The excitement it generates as passers by try to catch a glimpse of the bride. Here’s an interesting tradition you may not have known. Dating back to the middle ages, white ribbons traditionally symbolized purity and so did the white wedding dress? Let’s now fast forward a few years and we’ll see decorating wedding cars with white ribbons has always remained a popular idea. Today’s couples are also choosing coloured ribbons to match their wedding theme, the bouquets and the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. If you’re looking for something a little bit special, there are beautiful ribbons that feature gorgeous silver or gold love hearts too. Wedding car ribbons are a wonderful way to let everyone know there’s a newly married couple onboard!