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Just Married Parasol

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A popular trend for the bride is to have a parasol on her wedding day.During long photo shoots, wedding parasols provide much needed shade from the sun. The bride will remain radiant by looking and feeling fresh for her reception afterwards.  Having a few handy upon arrival for guests at the ceremony is a wonderful idea too. Especially if the ceremony is a sunny outdoor location.

Our Just Married parasol is a beautiful bridal accessory. One that will compliment the bride’s comfort and add a fun flair to her photography. The bride and groom can share a sneaky kiss behind an open parasol. It makes an ideal photo prop and looks fabulous incorporated in all sorts of ways. There is a practical side to it of course…

Wedding parasols are smaller in size compared to umbrellas, which is why they’re the more popular option for weddings. Not only are they functional, they’re pretty and so much easier to carry and use because they’re lightweight and take up half the space.