Wedding Decorations

Here’s where the creative you emerges as you prepare to set the scene for your wedding ceremony and reception. With a little thoughtful planning towards wedding  decorations, you’ll achieve the look you desire and create the day of your dreams.

          Firstly you’ll need to choose a style and believe me there’s more than a few ideas out there. Here’s a few to get you started.  Traditional elegance, vintage, romantic vineyard, rustic, beach, bohemian, country charm, garden,  even a fantasy theme. You may like to follow a colour theme, like the look of hearts or it’s a little bling you may be wanting. In reality, it’s whatever your heart desires. Once you’ve decided on the style for your big day, here’s where the excitement really starts to kick in. Selecting which wedding decorations you feel best suits your taste and your surroundings. From there it will all fall into place and start to come to life.

You may like to do the decorating yourself, along with the help of family and friends of course. After all, many hands make light work. It’s not only a fun experience, it will feel meaningful, look fabulous and as an added bonus, it will save you lots of dollars along the way. Here’s a handy hint to remember when decorating a wedding reception. Its sometimes the smallest of details that will create the biggest impact!