Chocolate Hearts

What’s better than eating deliciously creamy chocolates? Well ones with gorgeous heart shapes of course! It’s the real milk creaminess that puts these divinely tasting chocolates ahead of the rest. What makes our chocolate hearts even more tempting is they’re wrapped in incredibly exciting foil colours. It simply doesn’t get easier complimenting your favours to your wedding theme colours.

Couples are searching for something different for their big day, which is why our Happy Hearts are such a  huge hit. They are the yummiest chocolate hearts,  smothered in sweet colourful hundreds and thousands. A bit like a freckle, yet way more generous in size and oh so creamier. For couples seeking a romantic ambience for their wedding, we have dreamy hearts that have been struck with cupid’s gold arrow. Love is definitely in the air with this one!

 Keep in mind, everyone will love these tempting treats so much you may need a few extras!