Tulle Circles

The traditional couples number one choice for their wedding favours are tulle circles and organza circles. Although the custom of popping sugared almonds into tulle is hundreds of years old, it still remains as popular as ever today.  With many wonderful tulle colours to choose from, they really make colour theming your wedding a breeze. If it’s a distinct and jazzy wedding favour you prefer, then the glitter dot organza circles are simply stunning. For an extravagant wedding favour with traditional charm, there’s coloured organza circles with matching satin ribbon edging.  This European custom dates back from the 16th century. Filling fabric with five sugared almonds and tying them with ribbon signifies five special wishes. Health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. However, some couples prefer their favours to have a modern twist by filling tulle and organza circles with delicious creamy milk chocolates from our tempting and tasty range.