Bridal Shower Favours

It’s a whole lot of fun gathering the girls from both sides of the family for your pre-wedding celebration. It’s a time to share good company and laughs and to become acquainted before the big day. Primarily, a bridal shower is a gift giving party held in honour of the bride to be. It’s customary you’ll want to thank your guests for their gifts and for attending your celebration. Today’s brides are preferring to gift their guests with bridal shower favours as their way to express their gratitude.

Favour boxes filled with chocolates, cake, lollies, muffins or homemade cupcakes always go down well. After all, who doesn’t look forward to tucking into a little sweetness. Bridal shower favours come in plenty of fun shapes and colours too. There’s cute teapots with cleverly concealed tape measures that are simply adorable. For the cooks amongst us, how about a charming set of heart shaped measuring spoons that are engraved with meaningful words. A home simply isn’t complete without at least one wooden spoon, right. How about surprising the girls with one that has a rather entertaining message. There’s even heart shaped kitchen whisk favours presented in fabulous gift boxes they’ll love to use. Well, there’s a few wonderful favour gift ideas they’ll truly appreciate receiving.