Wedding Horseshoes and Wedding Charms

Did you ever wonder what the connection of a horseshoe is at a wedding? It’s because wedding horseshoes have always been used as a symbol of luck the world over. An old Greek tradition associates the horseshoe with the crescent moon which was thought to symbolize fertility. The Romans believed that the “U” shape afforded protection from evil. At Irish weddings, the page boy or the flower girls are the ones to present wedding horseshoes to brides. In Scotland during the 19th century, they hung them over the doors of their homes. This was to protect and attract good fortune for the family residing inside. So you can see, for as long as we’ve known, we’ve always associated the good luck custom with a horseshoe.

 Did you know it’s become increasingly popular to gift the bride good luck with both horseshoes and bridal charms? Couples are loving our beautiful horseshoes. Our collection have such pretty designs in satin, lace and organza fabrics. We even have an exquisitely hand crafted horseshoes  handmade entirely from pretty pearls. It’s no wonder everyone is falling head over heals for our bridal charms.

When choosing a good luck keepsake, you must see our stunning bridal charm designs. This range includes Cinderella’s slipper and her designer coach that’s embellished with sparkling gems. What’s not to love about our cute crystal and silver diamante butterfly, it’s just adorable. We have a French inspired design all the way from the city of love, Paris! It’s none other than the spectacular Eiffel Tower in all its glittering glory. Whichever you choose, horseshoes and charms will grant the newlyweds a happy and wonderful life together, forever.